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Armwrestling Training Programs

Hi, have you ever lost an armwrestling match to someone who doesn’t look strong at all?
I had in the past, and need to say it’s shocking and unbelievable, I could never expect such an outcome, and that made me take armwrestling more seriously.
But you know what’s the best part?
You can be that beast, who hides tremendous amount of strength in his arms, although you’ll get bigger muscles, especially forearms, you won’t be focusing on hypertrophy, instead, you’ll be building strength for one particular tehnique, allowing you to defeat many opponents who are way bigger than you.
You can choose which technique you want to focus on, from the ones below.


How to choose one?

Gym Training Program

Do you have a strong will to improve at armwrestling and you want to master both the hook and toproll?

The gym training program might be the best option for you.

If you have a judo belt, or a similar (soft and strong) strap, access to free weights, a table, a bench, and a cable machine, 

This program is the way to go, if not, check out the home training program:)

Home Training Program

Do you have a strong will to improve at armwrestling, but you’re afraid you don’t have the necessary equipment to train with , and you don’t have access to a gym?

The home training program might be the best option for you.

You will develop the necessary pushing and pulling strength, the ability to cup your opponent’s wrist, or to open it, strengthen your fingers, wrists, learn the main tehniques, and all of that only with the usage of a backpack, a pull ups bar, and a strong towel/judo belt.

Handstand Training Program

Have you ever wished you could hold a handstand ?

This training program will get you from zero to a 15+ seconds hold, from where you’ll be already prepared for learning such skills as handstand presses and handstand push ups

Requirements: 15+ good form push ups

*this is a program for the handstand on both hands, not the one arm one